So I ditched my old blog and created a new one. I had the old blog when I was still in high school, I blogged when I was in college and now I have graduated and started working, it seems fitting for me to start a new one. By the way, it is my resolution this year to write more and it’s already March so I am guilty under the offence of laziness and procrastination. I will write more-hope that works out for me *prays*.

So this year I will be 26, that only mean I have 4 more years before turning 30. I have set certain goals and I really hope to achieve it. I am currently working in a publishing company, I am excited for that but there are times when I feel like I am not good enough, but it is a learning process and I hope for the best.

I don’t intend to write much as for my first post. So here where we part. See you in the next post.



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