Graduation Throwback

My sister is graduating this April and my whole family is coming and they’ll be staying in Shah Alam (at my big sister’s house). Everybody is so excited, mom is preparing more than two outfits for a day event, I don’t know how she’s gonna work that out.

Anyway, I just to do some #throwbackwriting because I have not written about my graduation day which I had in 2015 (ancient history-I know).

In the hall- just happy to get out.

Having my name called in the Dewan Besar, UPM was so satisfying, after four years- I graduated with a degree- thank god (I almost screw this up- to be honest). My grandmother came (despite her health condition), she just wanted see me graduate. It meant a lot to her.

Walking there on stage was nerve-wracking, I was praying hard DONT FALL DONT FALL DONT FALL (about gazillion times) And then, our graduation had to be cut short due to the rain, so we didn’t take many photos outside the hall.


Me and the boys
Everyone had scattered so these all were left that day for a group photo

Despite the heavy rain, I enjoyed it very much and it was one of best days of my life.

*End of flashback*

So, for my sister’s graduation, I hope it would be smooth and sunny. I also ordered some cupcakes for her and the rest of the family. The event will start at 8 a.m. in Shah Alam. I’m looking forward to congratulate her.




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