Malacca, Malacca


Short getaway to Malacca- with one purpose: to eat and to eat, and to eat. Seriously, that’s my main goal. Hehe.


Currently writing this- in my hotel room. I’m staying in Hatten Hotel, which is located in front of Mahkota Parade & Dataran Pahlawan. The hotel is great. (Excited for big breakfast tomorrow).

I haven’t been in Malacca in two years. The last time I was here- visited some friends since they were doing their internships at that time. Malacca is one of my favorite places to visit, mainly because I love to see the historical buildings, and the richness of its culture and diversity is remarkable.

Since the malls are just a stone throw away, I just walked around for a while before the main ‘event’ started.


The main event is of course to eat, and I have been dying to try this special food. I kept missing the chance to try and today is finally the day!

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball!


Hello and welcome to my tummy


It is so good and I love it very much. Seriously, if you’re in Malacca- make this your top priority.  I ordered ten chicken rice balls, each is RM0.40, ordered roasted and steamed chicken as well.

Since it’s my first try, I didn’t want to be over-excited so that is why the food ordered is moderate. I wish they open a branch in KL. Hehe.

Then, off to find dessert at the Jonker Walk. I have heard so much about this dessert and this is also my first time trying it- and it is so satisfying.

The Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff.


These are the flavors


I ordered Vanilla Chips and Raspberry Ripple. Looking forward to try the other flavors in distant future. (Like maybe next week :p)

Then, I walked around the famous Jonker Walk, so many things were happening there. At first I thought it would rain, but then luckily it didn’t. So, had a great time exploring.



After that, with sore feet, went back to the hotel- and now writing this while yawning. Tomorrow is going to be a long day! More food to devour.


Until then.



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