I still cannot believe I turn 26 few days ago! This is because I don’t feel 26 at all. But then again, people don’t go around and “oh, I’m feeling it! I’m 26. I can feel it in my bones”.

Nobody does that.

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of celebrating birthdays. But I did have a lovely birthday dinner at Hard Rock Café in KL. No cake, no singing and definitely no blowing candles and fake-wishing while doing it. Haha. It’s not like I’m against celebrating birthday but I’m just not into that stuffs.  I spent the day with my loved one and casually strolled around the city.

I was actually content with one simple dinner and I also received a pair of NB shoes. (Last year I got a Marvel Encyclopedia- the greatest!) #beingnostalgic

Speaking of being nostalgic, I think the most memorable birthday I had when I was seven—celebrated it at my grandma’s. I still remember I got a toy robot from my aunt and a remote-controlled bulldozer from my dad. Those two were the best. In terms of celebration, my high school friends had a surprise simple party in my classroom at school. Although the cake could be better (hehe) but they did respect my choice of simplicity. These are ancient history by the way.

But who knows… maybe during my thirties, I’ll turn into someone who loves birthday and wants to have 30 birthday cakes and 30 balloons. (Gosh, hope not). But yeah, thanks for the good wishes. I’m blessed.



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